We awoke early and left as soon as we had repacked the car. This time we were fully aware what faced us, the road ahead loomed like a dark cloud and we hoped for the best. Maybe the road works would not last and in a few kilometers we would find a road that had already been repaired. Sadly no such luck it went from bad to worse and when you just thought it could not possibly get any more horrible it did. We slowly, and I mean very slowly, made our way through dust, corrugations, ruts, holes, stones only today was now Monday so we had traffic as well. Buses straight from hell came hurtling towards us with frightening frequency. It was like trying to avoid Kamikaze pilots who were determined to wipe us off the face of this Earth.

On and on we crawled, bouncing around and dodging missiles as much as we could. Then, inevitably we did a big hole and I saw my beloved washing machine come flying off the roof. Tickets I thought, but no she survived….the clothes inside must be clean! Luckily we seem to not have been too affected, except for a skew bull bar, so we carried on…and on….and on. We had planned to bush camp in a reserve but again directions from Vincent, of the quarry advice, was a no hoper so we carried on. After many hours we hear a squeal emanating from our trusty radio…..tar!! We cheered in delight only to be horribly disappointed to find it even worse than the dirt road, I kid you not!

Graham trying to get directions 😁

You must be sick and tired of reading about the endless terrible roads…can you just imagine how we felt. After about 11 hours and at most 400 odd kilometers we reached our destination for today. The Boma Guesthouse, sounds wonderful doesn’t it. Oh my word, it was an old German Fort or something apparently run by a Dutch couple…isn’t zat viered… no chance of that. But what the hell it was $10 per room for the night so warmed up Awesome spagbol it was again and we collapsed into our beds, very weary indeed. We had travelled for two solid days and had done less than 800 kilometers!

Our Palace for the night…hahaha. Don’t you just love that face?

Tanzania let’s hope your Eastern side makes up for what we and our poor vehicles have had to endure.

You just got to love it……