Someone asked me if we were being sponsored or were we doing our trip for a charity. I was a bit taken aback and it got me thinking but my honest reply was that we doing this trip totally for selfish reasons. By this I meant it was for us to experience as much of this, our continent, as we could for the joy, excitement and beauty of it all.

Two weeks into our trip I am even more convinced we should all be selfish! We should be selfishly guarding, nurturing and protecting what is ours, this Africa. So vast, harsh, unyielding but oh so spectacular. When I say ours, I really mean ours. We who felt her heartbeat long before we were born, whose soils have soaked up our blood and tears. Where our forefathers are buried and where we and our children were born under her big sky. Of course I know that not all our experiences or sacrifices are equal! So many have paid the ultimate price.

Sadly, so much energy is spent by us Africans, focussing on our differences, of color, cultures, languages etcetera. We should all be united and putting what we share together first. We should be joining hands, facing those that want what is ours and with one voice demand they take their greedy, grubby hands off. We are so busy fighting with each other that we are taking our eyes off those that will harm and take what we should be preserving for our children and our children’s children.

I am a Mother, first, foremost and my love for my children has no boundaries or limits. Do I love one or favor one more than the other? An unequivocal, no. Do I give more attention to one over the other? The answer to that is, yes, when it is needed. Our Africa needs us to do the same but where oh where would we begin? The needs are huge, seemingly insurmountable so does that mean we should just throw in the towel and give up? We can’t! So maybe we just stick to the good old Starfish story and make a difference to even just one cause. Which one, you might ask. My answer would be one whatever.

There are so many incredible people working tirelessly trying to hold back what seems like a tsunami with just buckets and spades. Causes that cross every spectrum and each one meaning so much to those that try and help. Without a doubt the need by the peoples of this great Continent should be paramount but does that mean we forget about her incredible natural resources? We can’t and we must not, so what is one to do? No right answer for sure. So do what you can with whatever you have when you can. We have experienced the warmth and hospitality of so many people and have seen the hardships and struggle to just survive.

That being said, I will get off my little soapbox after saying that there is one Organization, The Wilderness Foundation that I would wholeheartedly support and ask for you to have a look at the wonderful work they do. They truly deserve all the help and support they need to keep up their amazing work.

We were joined by two special characters on the Zambezi Queen who will be joining us on our journey….Rossnoceros and Graynoceros, to help spread the word about the plight of our beautiful Rhino.

Graynoceros, the best Captain and I sailing the most beautiful boat in Africa.

Graynoceros and Gilly enjoying the luxury of the Zambezi Queen before heading out.