I am special. I know this how? Because my Mother told me.


As a child I so badly wanted to believe her and I realise now that my interpretation of the word itself was wrong. I thought it meant exceptional or that I was somehow supposed to be superior or better than others, and I just could not see it. What she actually meant was that I was different.


Painfully shy (yes me) I would escape and hide behind a book. My mode of transport was a wishing chair, I lived up a tree, loved Moonface because he could help me escape down his slippery-slip and I was afraid of Dame Slap. I had adventures with Jack and Kiki, solved crimes with Nancy and so badly wished I was at boarding school with Darrell.moonface

Almost fifty years later the fantasy becomes a reality… my mode of transport is a Pajero, my abode is a tent and my fellow adventurers have better names than Fanny and Bessie. We will visit wondrous places, get into some sticky situations and hopefully finish off with the words….”and they all lived happily ever after.”


If I ever have to make an award acceptance speech it would go something like this….”I would like to start off my saying a very big thank you to Enid Blyton”….